My life path

As an intuitive healer, certified naturopath and teacher, I’ve enjoyed exploring energy healing for more than 20 years.

My first career, however, was more cerebral. After graduating from university with a B.Sc., I worked for several years as an Information Technology Director. Late in the 1990s, my Heart led me back to what had emerged in my childhood—my natural healing and energy abilities. I began exploring a broad range of energy-based healing approaches including Chi, the meridians, emotional freedom, expanded states of consciousness and many more.

My Heart had guided me back to my calling, to a career that allowed me to pursue my passion for healing. As a result, I’ve been able to introduce thousands of people to the fascinating world of energy healing and awakening.

Love Energetics therapy

According to Chinese philosophy, which is both practical and symbolic, all things in the cosmos are animated by a fundamental force known as Chi energy. This is the energy that my practice was initially based on.

In 2008, while working with a regular client, I momentarily entered into a special connection with my Heart. The result was both instantaneous and extremely compelling!

After my Heart connection, I began experimenting with a new healing process on all my clients, which led to profound and amazing results. My Love Energetics technique was a fortuitous discovery.

It was from this amazing discovery that I developed my Love Energetics therapy. My therapy opens the pathway to an expanded inner space of compassion and non-judgment—reconnecting with the Heart. It allows each person to be restored to well-being and health, helping to realize their authentic being.


With our hearts united,

Yvon Dubé