What does a energetic treatment look like ?

The energy work session is based primarily on Love Energetics which is a very powerful modality in itself, but also other methods are used to get the best possible results for the client.

During the energy session you’ll always in placed in a comfortable position either standing-up or laying down. Usually posture adjustments will be done while the client is standing up and the subsequent part of the treatment will be done on a massage table. The client does not have to remove any clothing. There will be an ongoing discussion between the practitioner and the client to determine which areas of the body need energy work. There is no physical manipulation during the session. 

Clients normally feel very relaxed after a session as deep rooted tensions are released and physical pain and inflammation are dramatically reduced. When the session is complete the client will have a few minutes just to relax and to integrate the work. Afterwards, the client can discuss any issues or questions with the practitioner.

The client may feel the effects of the treatment for several hours and even days. 

The energetic treatment takes approximately one hour.

Yvon's hands captured by a thermographic camera during a healing session