To introduce myself

This website is dedicated to the healing modalities, sometimes called holistic, integrative or alternative that I have been practicing for a number of years. More specifically, I use subtle energy modalities to promote natural self healing which connects to the body’s innate power to heal.

My name is Yvon Dubé and I live in the city of Montreal, Canada. I have been passionate for a number of years, on matters dealing with subtle energies and how they influence a person’s health and well being. To know more on my background, please click on the Profile option above.

As energy is the basis of all, it always appeared important to be attentive to this aspect of healing.

The human body is surrounded by several energy fields. In fact, these energy fields emanate, surround and interact with the physical body and its various body functions.  Energy can be in the form of light, sound, heat, magnetism, electricity or more subtle energy like Qi or Chi as define by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In recent years, several healing modalities have been rediscovered that use various energetic vibrations to balance the human energy field and consequently one’s health.

Best of class energetic methods

I use various energetic modalities including intuitive healing as well as other methods that I adopted after several years of investigations and evaluations.

These modalities includes Love Energetics, Quantum-Touch, Tibetan Reflexology and other best of class energetic methods that allow self healing on various levels including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Energetic treatments do not replace medical care, but can be a catalyst in the total healing process of the person.